How to attend European Youth Convention

Step 1: Apply

The registration closed on February 12, 2017. Of more than 350 applicants 150 were selected as members of the European Youth Convention, originating from 38 countries.

Step 2: Participate in the Preliminary Phase

If you got accepted, please register for the EYC Forum right away. On our online platform, you will work together with other EYC members on several tasks during the Preliminary Phase. The latter is an essential part of the EYC and will prepare the Malik Syntegration® Phase, which will start in Strasbourg.

Step 3: Travel to Strasbourg

Please, only book your tickets after you have have been accepted. To find the best option to reach Strasbourg, check out the website of the Tourism Office. The EYC will cover 50 percent of your travel expenses but not reimburse more than 100 Euro.

Step 4: Accommodation

You will share a room with one or two other participants at the Ibis budget or Cap Europe Apart'hotel. Accommodation, breakfast and most meals are included in your financial contribution (see FAQ).

Step 5: Convening for the EYC

The EYC takes place in two representative venues: in the European Parliament on Thursday and Friday and in the government building of the Région Grand Est on Saturday and Sunday. Tram stops nearby are "Parlement européen" and "Wacken" respectively. Additionally, participants are invited to attend the 25-anniversary gala of the EYC's organisers "Jeunes Européens - France" (JEF) at the Modern Art Museum on Friday evening. Please check the map below to get an overview.

Step 6: Taking part in the EYC

The European Youth Convention will be an extremely interactive conference and different to any other you have attended so far. You need to engage throughout the event – from Thursday noon to Sunday 2 pm. The EYC's method is Syntegration, a new social technology by the Malik Institute.

Step 7: Continue our mission after the EYC

The European Youth Convention will not be a one-shot event. You can apply to become an EYC Ambassador in the registration form to promote the Convention's results and cause. Furthermore, the organisers will present the EYC's new European Consitution at the 60-year anniversary of the Rome Treaty two weeks later and host at least three follow-up conferences in 2017. Moreover, the organiser's EU umbrella organisation "Young European Federalists" (JEF) and other partners will use the EYC's output to influence decision-makers.

Step 8: Before the EYC starts

First of all, please participate in the Preliminary Phase via the EYC Forum right away. Secondly, stay in touch by following the EYC on Twitter.

And finally, if you believe that strong organisation is key to lastingly create a European democracy, become a member of JEF.

If you have any other questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via