Frequently Asked Questions

You've got some questions? Others do too. Please, check whether you find an answer to your question regarding the European Youth Convention here. Otherwise, drop us a message at


• When will I receive an answer to my application submission?

We will process on a rolling basis. The organising team will respond to your application within 10 days. In the answer email, you will be informed about your status, which might be either "accepted" or "waiting list".

• Why was I placed on the waiting list?

Unfortunately, we only have 150 spots and therefore need to be selective in order to be representative of the variety of European youth organisations. Because of that, we need to wait for other, so far underrepresented applicants. Despite this, you might still be accepted later (see below).

• When will the EYC stop accepting applications and make its final decisions?

We will process on a rolling basis. The selection will end on February 12th at the latest. If by then there will be still free spots available, these will be filled with those on the waiting list (in order of application).

• How will be the participants be selected?

The selection is based on a formula ensuring representativeness. We take into account the type of your organisation, your position, whether you are available for all days, your gender and your country of origin.

• I don’t have a specific position in my organisation. Can I still apply?

Of course. We are looking for as much diversity as possible.

• I’m not part of any organisation. Can I still apply?

Yes! We also value your motivation, among others.

• I’m not a citizen of the European Union. Can I still apply?

Please do. Some places are reserved for non-EU member state applicants because we believe they can enhance the debate with their own experiences.

• Can I arrive later than Thursday middays?

In most cases not. Our special method requires everyone to participate right from the start on Thursday.


• How much do I need to contribute to attend the EYC?

The contribution for the EYC is 40 Euro. It covers accommodation, most meals, an invitation to the gala on Friday and the reimbursement of 50 % of your travel costs – up to 100 Euro. If you need neither accommodation nor travel cost reimbursement the contribution is only 20 Euro.

• I’m coming from a faraway country, can I get an extra reimbursement?

We are currently negotiating with our sponsors to open a special grant for participants coming from far away. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will manage to do so but we will try. In case you need support, please let us know at the end of the form in the “any comment” section.

• Which meals are included in the contribution?

The meals included are: Thursday evening's dinner. On Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner and on Saturday/Sunday breakfast and lunch. The farewell party will take place on Saturday evening. We currently negotiate with our sponsors to have an all-inclusive farewell party. If it does not work, there will be a special price for the participants of the Convention, including drinks and dinner.


• Where will I sleep in Strasbourg?

We booked two hotels for the participants: Ibis budget and Cap Europe Apart'hotel. You will be randomly placed in one or the other.

• Where will we convene for the EYC?

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg (tram station ‘Parlement européen’) on Thursday and Friday, and at the government building of the Région Grand Est in Strasbourg (tram station ‘Wacken’) on Saturday and Sunday.

• How many people will sleep in each room?

There will be 2 to 3 people in each room. Individual beds only, separated by gender.

• I don’t like the accommodation, can I sleep somewhere else?

Yes you can but at your own expense. If you decide to do so, then please let us know in the “any comment” section at the end of the registration form.

• Can you provide accommodation for me for the night before and after the EYC (March 8 and 13)?

Unfortunately, we cannot take care of that. Please, check the website of the Strasbourg Tourism Office to find an appropriate accommodation for you.


• When can I book my plane ticket?

You can book your plane ticket as soon as you receive our confirmation email, stating that you got accepted.

• What is the best way to go to Strasbourg?

You can find more information about Strasbourg central station, Strasbourg airport and other nearby airports by visiting the Tourism office’s website.

• How can I move around in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg has a lot of buses and tramways to move around in the city. You will receive detailed information regarding public transportation later.


• What about the method of the Convention?

We will use a revolutionary method called “synthegration” by our partner Malik Management. You will not need to prepare anything in advance. You can find more information about the method on this website:


• Will there be a dress code?

There is no specific dress code for the Convention. Come as you feel the best to write history! However, on Friday evening we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of JEF France at the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg. For this event, the dress code will be from casual chic to cocktail. It’s up to you! No pressure.

• Who organises the European Youth Convention?

An international team of more than 15 motivated volunteers. Most of us are members of the "Jeunes Européens - France", the French section of the Young European Federalists (JEF). JEF is a youth NGO striving for a European democracy (We have been doing so since 1949).

• Who sponsors the European Youth Convention?

So far we have received generous financial or in-kind support from the University of Strasbourg, Conseil régional Grand Est, the city of Strasbourg, the European Parliament, the Alfred Töpfer Stiftung, the EPP Group in the European Parliament, the European Democratic Party and Malik Management.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at