European Youth Convention method of writing the Citizen Constitution

The European Youth Convention's Approach to create
the European Citizen's Constitution

The European Youth Convention is powered by the new social technology Malik Syntegration®.

Increasingly, in a society of complexity it will not be individuals and their heroic acts that count, but the ability of large numbers of informed people to interlink their knowledge to create better solutions.

Institutional - far beyond individual leadership will matter most; many institutions are already today too large and too complex to be grasped by a single person or small groups alone.

The same holds true for the creation of a European Citizen's Constitution. How then, can we integrate the diverse expectations, visions and experiences of the 150 EYC-Members? How to leverage intelligence, emotions, values and energy tied up in individual players?

Maximum use of our intelligence

We will create new ideas by joining what was separate, and we will generate these new ideas faster by simultaneously doing what otherwise would be done sequentially. The laws of interconnectedness and simultaneity are among the most powerful design resources for a better Europe.

Malik Institute's Icosahedron graphic

The Syntegration® Icosahedron, the three-dimensional communications structure and the foundation for the Syntegration®Method. In contrast to any other large group format Syntegration works on the unique geometry of a precise and reliable logic of dynamic interconnection. Syntegration = Synergy+Integration

The social technology to achieve that is Malik Syntegration®. It is the most powerful and fastest high-performance communication approach for managing complexity, interconnectedness and rapid change. Large numbers of people find new solutions for complex questions by communicating simultaneously and in an interconnected manner, in such a way that their joint knowledge, experience, and their social energy lead to new solutions.

Thus, the Malik Syntegration® Method achieves the ultimate ideals of true democracy: equal participation for everybody; perfect cooperation for opinion formation and greatest consensus for creative solutions.

Great changes open up great opportunities – Europe’s great transformation

The Better Europe and the transition to it are complex but not “composed end to end.” There is no written score. The concept is open-ended and evolutionary along the way – but not in an unstructured manner. To use a different analogy: If you imagine the Better Europe as a painting, it will not show a detailed landscape but rather rules for the creation of landscapes, as well as instructions for defining new rules.

„Be ahead of change“ is one of the basic laws of successful transformation and this is the most effective strategy: initiate change yourself or others will do it – and be faster than others through innovative methods.

Malik Institute for Complexity Management

An international expert in new governance and general management solutions Malik is a trusted partner to global market players and governments alike. Malik stands for a unique governance approach that sees management as the means to a functioning viable society.

Our foundations are the sciences of complexity and dynamics; our solutions, the result of over 40 years of research, development and application; the fundamental positions of the system, customer value and social responsibility. Our entirely new methods ensure sweeping sustainable results in complex situations.

Our solutions emphasise crosslinking the intelligence, expertise and experience of all people involved and create an intense working client-relationship, based on professional working attitude, trust and integrity.